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Expert Witness Case Studies



INTRODUCER, STENT & GUIDEWIRE: Medical device expert to MD defendant in medical liability case; judge granted summary judgment after plaintiff failed to name medical expert in Dec 2020.


stent ipr

Wrote expert witness report to support patent IPR case; patent judge's final decision agreed with my report on every point. Expect appeal.


Trocar patent

Wrote expert witness report to support patent case in 2014. No involvement since then, though case is ongoing.


stent delivery system patent

Wrote expert witness report to support patent case; resulting favorable Markman decision lead to cash settlement for my client.


business dispute

Determined whether a new product development effort had been delayed by inappropriate conduct.  Using project management expertise, reviewed thousands of project and company documents and created a forensic project timeline showing that the product development proceeded in a timely fashion without gaps.   Reportedly, Judge, after reading my report, said he valued the other side’s claim at zero; client said my report blew the other side out of the water.  Case settled in my client’s favor.


business dispute

A medical device manufacturer was being sued by a minority owner/ex-employee for oppression under state law.  During the discovery phase, it was found that the plaintiff had started a competing business, contradictory to his certification. Performed an inspection of the alleged competing business; then met with the magistrate to report preliminary findings.  Showed evidence that the plaintiff had been untruthful in his certification.  The case settled after plaintiff reduced his demands.

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